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john cooper Contact Me
Sex: Male
Age: 33
Town/City: Barnsley
County: South Yorkshire
Preferable work location: manchester
Agency Name:
Agency Contact Number:
Special Skills: Drums, Piano, Guitar, organ, singing,

BA-hons Media (tv & film)

driving - advanced training

proficient in FRENCH

athletic, close combat, swimming, raquet sports,
Personal Introduction: 21 years old, good looks, medium length hair (greater flexibility), looking to get involved in acting.

dynamic, self motivated, enthusiastic, creative and innovative. i am focussed and outgoing, positive and very expressive. i can commnicate ideas, thoughts, feelings etc very well, through many ways.

I am confident and polite. i am a great team player, can work with as many or as little people and am pleasurable to work with. i am funny, can motivate people, but most of all take my work seriously. i am not a time waster, and can take direction very well. NO HALF HEARTEDNESS, ALL OR NOTHING!
Relevant Experience: My car my life

Granada TV

Driven - director/editor

Waiting for Hope- Director/writer/editor

Barnsley FC doc - director/editor

HOLD UP - Writer

Follow the Leader - Writer

Wallet - Co-Writer

The Minute Men - Writer
Member Since: 15-Sep-2004
Last Update: 15-Jun-2005
Height: 5' 11"
Chest: 40 inches
Waist: 30 inches
Shoe Size: 9
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blond
Skin Colour:
june 2005
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