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Extra Members access for entry to our specialist TV Extra website area. This service is unique, it provides everything you need to start as a TV or Film Extra. We have information, advice and a comprehensive list of extras agencies covering all of the UK. We an online opportunities board available and also stories and information from people who have experience of TV Extra work. We regularly buy industry magazines and books to keep you up to date with latest information and agencies lists relating to Extra work, this alone will save over 40 per year.

CV Upload provides a personal profile section for you to advertise yourself to casting agents and producers. You can upload up to 6 photographs together with your CV. You can show as much or as little information as you like. Casting Agents and Producers can then search for the type of person they are looking for then get in contact with you directly. You can be assured that your personal contact information is not shown, our system allows email contact without displaying the address. We will also send out emails to all members with CV's when an opportunity has a number of places available such as crowd scenes.

Once your order is processed, your logon ID and password is emailed within 24 hours. You can then access 'My Profile'.
FULL MEMBERSHIP: Full access to our Extras Members Area with email updates, notification of opportunities, photo upload and online profile.
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6 months £4.99 £9.99
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MEMBERS AREA ACCESS: Full access to Members Area with email updates
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Please note payments will be set-up as a Pay Pal subscription and will
reoccur based on the term selected. These subscriptions can be cancelled at any
time. No minimum contract. Once submitted, your username and password will be
emailed within 24 hours.
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